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Albion Active Wear.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Work out gear that makes you want to work out! 

With 2016 coming to and end, it's that time again to set some new goals and plans for 2017. I swear I'm always planning some sort of fitness target every year, and it's pretty apparent that I never make it through. But it's ok! Not all goals are meant to happen immediately, some time longer than others. 

So far, my routine consists of me going to the gym at least twice a week. Not to shabby for Ellen. Now with work outs come with work out gear. I think cute work out clothes gives more reasons for me to hit the gym! I've been wearing Albion Fit pieces and I'm loving the fit! Not only are the pieces super cute, but it's also functional. I've been rocking the High waisted leggings during yoga and the sport bra has great support during my long runs. I mean how cute is that Palm Leaf Sports bra

Hope you guys are encouraged to reach your goals whether it takes a few weeks or years while looking chic ;) ! 

What I'm wearing:
Black Sports Bra | Leggings | Izabal Exhale Bra | High Waist Black Leggings
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  1. That palm printed sports bra is so freaking cute! I need to up my workout routine next year and I think that having really nice workout gear actually encourages you to work out. You look so stunning!

    Rachel xx

  2. I've got the bikini in that print and absolutely loveeee the cute palm print!! You look so good in it babe xx

    Helen xx

  3. That palm print looks so fun! It certainly is a great motivation to workout (at least for a couch potato for me) - to be able to wear something so pretty for workout ;)

    xx Aldora

  4. This reminds me I need to hit the gym now!! I usually wear Lululemon but I totally need to check this brand out. Love the high waisted leggings and that sports bra print is too cute I want it now!! I need to set some more consistent workout goals and this cute attire will help me get there! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo, Christine

  5. I've a big fan of prints! I love that bra top!!!! a girl, who works out, can never have enough active wear!!! I exercise 4-5 times a week and some of my active wears get to worn down so easily. Time to shop for some new ones.

    xx, Jessie

  6. Oh my goodness!! With options as cute and stylish such as these I feel I need to start a workout routine or goal soon ! Love this line and how you styled it all.

  7. Hello dear!!!
    I love so much all sporty items.They take me comfy and fresh.

  8. My goals for 2017 are to head back to the gym. But I do get bored with my workout gear, I loved the pieces you have worn by Albion Active Wear. The high waisted leggings are a must have and your sports bra print is so pretty. Looking at your photographs is totally inspiring me to hit the gym regularly next year.



  9. You look stunning sweetie. I love working out with amazing pieces like the ones you are wearing. Pictures are amazing.Xx, GIna

    Thanks for sharing.

    much love, Gina

  10. I'm not that into sportswear... But that pink top with leaves print is soooo lovely! I think I could start working out more wearing that! XD

  11. I love the print of that top! Would totally wear it alone like you if I was more fit. But fun workout clothes makes you so motivated to go to the gym!

  12. Great post babe I love the look great choices. I totally agree with you about how it's time set new fit goals for 2017 I started mine last month because I think starting these fit goals need to be started before the new year not after because you never stick to them. :)

  13. That workout gear is all stinking cute! I especially love the printed sports bra. Here's to fitness in 2017!

  14. I remember seeing that adorable sports bra on your IG, and now I get all the awsome details here!! This brand sounds amazing and I definitely need to give it a try! :D

    xo Soo |

  15. I am always on the hunt for cute new work out wear! these pieces are spectacular. Thank you for sharing. Now I just need to get my butt in the gym lol! ;) xx