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Skinfix to the rescue.

Monday, October 17, 2016

I wish someone could have told me 10 years ago how important skin care is, and how I could have prevented years of damage and wrinkles. Back in college, I never put on any moisturizers, eye creams or even SPF for that matter. Now, that I’m in my late 20’s I’m skin care obsessed and blessed with being able to try out different products.

I’ve recently come across Skinfix’s new face collection which is infused with their healthy skin lipid complex which is clinically proven to replenish essential skin lipids and maintain a healthy skin barrier! Although I wish I started earlier, I’m relieved to find products that help renew and restore my skin keeping it looking and feeling it’s best.

Here are a few of my favorite products that I used over the past few weeks:

Moisture Boost Serum - Super concentrated treatment that instantly nourishes skin. Contains natural oils along with anti-aging botanicals which deliver repair benefits. Perfect to repair years of damage I caused when I was young and reckless.

Nourishing Cream - This cream is great for dry and fatigued skin. During cold weather or that time of the month I need something more to hydrate my skin. This cream is deeply hydrating and nourishing to boost moisture, elasticity and it delivers essential nutrients to deeper levels of the skin making it feel soft, radiant and healthy.

Brightening Eye Cream - This super lightweight and quick-absorbing cream wakes up tired and dry eyes. The natural lipids hydrate while the formula brightens and diminishes dark circles and puffiness. I usually put this on in the morning before work!

Foaming Oil Cleanser - This creamy foaming cleanser washed away dirt and makeup with gentle coconut based cleansers. Anything coconut and you have me! I’ve added this to my double-cleanse routine.

Hydrating Lotion - This lightweight formula provides instant hydration and leaves skin dewy, soft and renewed. My number one rule of lotions is that it’s lightweight and fast absorbing… this one did exactly that.

Thank you Skinfix for partnering with me!

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