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Home Delivery: Sun Basket

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Being a recent newlywed, it's been a challenge to mix it up in the kitchen!  Mondays I'm usually too busy to grocery shop or cook, so the phrase "Let's order delivery..." normally spills out. We usually keep things organic and paleo Monday through Thursday, so it's gets pretty pricy and difficult to find Paleo friendly delivery services. 

When Sun basket approached me to try out their meal services, my brain literally swooned at the fact that I wouldn't have to 
A. Go to my busy grocery store (I live in DTLA and it's a hot mess around 6pm) 
B. Use my brain to concoct something healthy AND yummy 
C. and umm.. did I already mention I don't have to go to the grocery store?!?!!

Pan Seared Steak wtih Arugula Pesto with fresh Cucumber & Celery Salad

I've tired Homechef and Blue Apron, but there was something so fresh and tasty about Sun Basket. 
So much lighter, healthier, and not to mention organic/paleo/Non-GMO friendly..  Sun Basket delivers sustainably sourced organic ingredients with easy, delicious recipes that was super easy to follow and fast from beginning to end. 
 Now, I'm not saying Sun Basket is for everyone. It's bit pricier and not everyone needs organic, non-GMO or paleo meals... but if you are, then this is the one for you!

Sun Basket has provided great deals for my lovely readers!
Shipping is currently available in 34 states and is expanding very soon.

This blog post is in collaboration with Sun Basket

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