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Spreadbutter Los Angeles Food Spots- IG round up

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Well it's been quite LONG over due and yes, it's been forever since my last post. So to update you guys, I've transitioned into a new job in November hence, the long pause. It's always difficult to manage a blog while working full time, but I appreciate every one of you guys for visiting and reading :) It definitely motivates me!

Since the Holidays are here, I figured we are all already stuffing our faces with delicious food, might as well keep it going with a few of my favorite spots in Los Angeles! Please note this is in no particular order.

Republique- La Brea
What can I say? Of all the mouth watering dishes they serve, I was able to narrow down my choices to their famous Kimchi Fried Rice, Salmon and Avocado Toast, and their breakfast sandwich which featured a pork belly sausage. I must say every last bite was absolutely delish. However, I still think my mom's Kimchi Fried Rice is the best!

Gardner Junction- Hollywood
This place was the most pleasant, surprising and underrated place I've been to in awhile. From their "blogger heaven" decor (I mean they had marble tables, gold salt and pepper shakers, gold coffee presses to name a few), to their comforting and familiar dishes, I was shocked and a little bit blown away. Everything we tried was just damn good...no other words or adjectives to describe it. 

Joan's on Third- Melrose
No need to further explain. It's the famous Joan's on Third. If you haven't been, then stop reading and go now!

Petty Cash- Arts District DTLA
Mexican food gone wild. They have a bit more out of the box options in the Mexican cuisine field which I was not opposed to. After a few savory tacos, BOMB nachos and a ceviche options I couldn't be happier.

Guisados- DTLA
Continuing on with Mexican cuisine. This is THE taco spot that always hits the spot! Guisados is a traditional yet non-traditional mexican taco spot with the best braised meats and taco combinations. And yes, their tortillas are homemade, duh!

Public School Food- DTLA
Love the nostalgic feeling this restaurant gives off. You really do feel like school is in session.  It reminded me of the good ol' days in high school before having responsibilities and bills while shoving my face with burritos, mac & cheese, and fried chicken of course. Such a fun experience with amazing dishes!

Ox & Sons- Santa Monica
Uni and egg toast! Need I say more? This was one of the coziest, cutest, romantic spot I've been to in awhile. I loved that most dishes were shareable and better enjoyed together. Their cocktail menu is was also divineeeee and UNI TOAST! Need I say more? Seriously? 

Well now you know a few of my favorite spots. Hope you get to try some and visit these amazing locations! Happy Eating.

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