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Sky-Lim Leather Goods.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wearing: Windsor Skirt | F21 Chambray similar | c/o SkyLim Coin Purse | c/o Triwa watch and Sunnies  | Zara mules

It's rare to find leather goods that not only impress me but surprise me! I was so intrigued by the leather color and texture of Sky Lim's line I had to see one in hand for myself. In photo's it has such a beautiful sheen and sparkle that I couldn't believe it was leather. After seeing it in person, I was even more shocked to see the craftsmanship and quality of this baby. It's funny, as I get older I'm completely able to appreciate the small things in new or upcoming brands that I would of never appreciated before. If you haven't checked SkyLim out, it's a must. You won't regret it! I'm obsessed with this brand. Literally.... that card case is next on my "Must Buy" list. 


  1. What a cool coin purse! What's the texture like? Is it as 'rough' as it looks, or is it covered in some kind of smooth glaze?