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ScentBird Perfume Subscription.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

ScentBird scent is by Chloe "Roses de Chloe"
Super excited to share with you guys one of my favorite things in my bag right now! I've been trying this monthly subscription of perfume by ScentBird the last month and been loving it. I'm not a huge perfume fan, so it's never necessary for me to buy an entire bottle of expensive perfume especially when I usually don't stick to one scent. With this monthly subscription, not only can you change your scent every month, it's a fraction of the price! Oh, and did I mention they have a huge array of scents and they match you with scents that cater to your profile. The packaging is super chic and sleek and also perfect size for your purse or travel. If you guys love perfume or like me, just need a little every month ScentBird could be for you. Use BIRD25 for 25% your first month!

Comes with a cute dust bag!

Pull the scent out and swap it every month!

Twist and the nozzle goes inside. Similar to lipstick packaging!

Thank you ScentBird for allowing me to try out your product. This post was non-paid and strictly my own opinions.

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