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Working girl.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wearing: Blue button up from Korea | H&M tee | Black faux skirt | White Chucks | Zara bag | Burberry watch | Ray-Ban sunnies

I'm one of those lucky one's who get to wear casual attire to work... everyday. I do however still try to keep myself visually appealing rather than throwing on a sweater and sweats all day (although I could). The most important aspect of my style is comfort. I can't afford to sit at a desk for however long hours with constricting fabric pressing against my waist. So, I always opt for some sort of stretchy, elastic-y, basically comfy, bottoms to pair my tops. Not sure if it's part of my "tricks of the trades" secret, but I think it's always great to wear comfy clothes you feel great and stylish in!

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