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Birthday suit, birthday blues.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wearing: H&M blazer | Alexander Wang tee| H&M skirt| Zara boots| Vintage Belt

This past Monday was my birthday, and like all birthday gals I could not decide what to wear. After glancing at my chaotic closet, I decided it I needed something different. I found this blue skirt at h&m but it was too long so I chopped it off with my handy fabric scissors and voilà, perfection! There's nothing special about turning a year older, but there is definitely something special about my life as I get older. Whether it's the people who are now apparent in my life or the career I've chosen, I can't wait for my life to develop!
Happy Birthday to all those April babies! I hope you had a great one :)

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  1. happy belated birthday! love your whole outfit from head to toe, especially the blazer and the shoes <3 can't wait to see more amazing posts from you, following you now :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. would have never known you cut the skirt, i like it!!!

    happy birthday. hopefully the day was amazing!


  3. Happy birthday!You look great!

  4. This outfit is SO beautiful! And happy belated birthday, hope you had a great day :)

  5. Amazing look! Love your blog, new follower!

  6. Happy Birthday!! You look amazing, loving this look.

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  7. such an amazing style, dear! love the outfit! and colours are great, xoxo
    following you, waiting for follow back)
    love, Yulia