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underneath it all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

forever 21 knit sweater, charlotte russe fringe shirt, nastygal leather shorts, zara heels, Burberry watch, bracelets from friends, flea markets, asos and hnm.
I've been a bit MIA these days due to the wonder that is spring break but now that it's over back to work.. well work and school. I bought this fringe shirt from charlotte russe a couple months ago thinking it would be perfect for summer but I needed something under this turquoise sweater and figured why not? I love how the fringe just pops covering my leather shorts. I'm thinking a DIY is called for after seeing this outfit in photos. Maybe sewing some strings/fringe-y pieces under a sweater.. so many possibilities.


  1. love the fringe detail of this top! the teal sweater is amazing too!

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    xo jenny
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  2. i have those shoes!! and i love them, they look fab on you!

    jen & Jess