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my current faves.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Currently my favorite things.
1. I been trying to keep myself busy with DIY projects which is what I did to my closet in the first picture. I got rid of my old drawers and opened up the room by removing the sliding doors. I bought these white cubes from kmart (buy here) and assembled them in less then 30 mins!
2. I've been obsessed with the scent rose and was ecstatic when I found these candles at walmart. 
3. Found this silver dish at marshals around christmas time and wasn't sure if I should give it away as a gift or keep it for myself. Looks like I kept it for my jewelry and miscellaneous things haha.
4. Neon clothes that make my days a little brighter.
5. Acrylic white paint for a new DIY project (toe cap shoes) and pastel nail polish.

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  1. love the closet organization!! i hate drawers. open bookcases are way better!