Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer trend: Mix and Matching Prints.

Mixing and Matching Prints can be challenging but with the right colors and textures you'll be rocking this trend with absolute ease. New video up on my Youtube channel. Check it out! 
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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Girl in the Blue Skirt.

Wearing: Vintage G.I. Joe t-shirt | Choies skirt | Zara Heels | H&M Sunnies | F21 Necklace | ebay Bag

Something about this blue skirt that makes me absolutely giddy. Every time I wear it, it's as though I'm suppose to attend a fancy tea party even though I'm just running around town trying not to get hit by the bus. I love how this skirt is fitted at the top, cinching my waist yet overtly bouncy at the bottom. These photos were taken by my fave photographer Josh Fogel! It's always great working with you, Josh. Thanks again for the amazing photos!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Candy Striper Blouse.

Wearing: Zara Leather Shorts & Bomber Jacket | H&M top | Givenchy Bag | DIY Heels

Spent the day roaming around Downtown LA with photographer Sean Park finding alleys to shoot in. It's nice to not wear t-shirts sometimes. I'm a victim of shorts and tees but here and there I mix it up with a button up to make me feel prim. I love working with new photographers because they each capture a different aspects of the location were in. If you're curious of my heels, I did a DIY couple years ago so check it out!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bring on the New Balances.

Wearing: F21 Came jacket & bag | Gap stripe top | Joe denim Jeggings | 501 New Balance shoes | Timeless hat | Ray-Ban Sunnies

Something about New Balance sneakers that I cannot resist. I love how versatile they are. I can chose to dress them up with a dress because of it's neutrality, or pair them with jeans and a top. New Balance has been top of the trend in countries like Asia and Europe, and has recently made it now to the U.S.  I recommend buying New Balances online because the prices are significantly cheaper online (as for all things I suppose).  

Monday, March 31, 2014

classic Ellen.

Wearing: Zara skirt and top | Madewell Chambray | F21 heels | American Apparel bag | Cole Han Sunnies

Was lucky enough to shoot with Josh Fogel couple of weeks ago. We strolled around Melrose talking about life and such as we shot together. This is what I love about the industry, being able to work together with people all across LA who are passionate about the things they do. I wore my typical outfit, as always, a shirt and a skirt. I can never have enough plain tee's and graphic skirts. And yes, I am still wearing my shirt around my waist. Josh, if you're reading this, I had a wonderful time and the photos came out perfect! Check his awesome work www.joshfogel.com!!!! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Biker boots gone good.

 Wearing: 2020 ave dress | Zara boots | UO leather jacket | F21 denim chambray | Tory Burch Bag | Vintage hat | Ray-Ban sunnies

I can never wear a girly outfit without boy-ing it up. I've always been a fan of chunky biker boots but never thought I'd be one to wear. It's pretty difficult to say the least pairing these boots up the way I like them to be. I don't want to look to generic (jeans and a top), but I don't want to look over done. I guess I'm still experimenting with theses babies.

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