Thursday, January 15, 2015

Circus Skirt.

Wearing: Current Elliot jacket | Forever 21 tee & skirt 

What better way to spice up a casual outfit with a colorful beaded skirt. I always enjoy mixing casual and formal together to complete a look. I came across a Forever 21 to avoid traffic after work one day, and found this skirt at 75% off. Forever 21's prices are already affordable for all women, but finding that one piece even more discounted is a feeling only us girls would understand. The beading on this skirt is quite substantial and weights quite heavy. Unsure how to make an outfit pop? A beaded skirt will do the trick.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Unpredictable and Red.

Wearing: H&M top | Shorts from Korea | Zara Heels | Vintage Watch | Ray-Ban Sunnies | Earrings F21

I've been super behind on my posts, and it's starting to show with the changes in weather. Obviously, I could not be wearing shorts and a short sleeve top with all this rain we've been showered with here in Los Angeles but still decided to post this outfit because of this flamboyant red top. It's structure is completely unpredictable along with a bit of bounce. The top being a statement of it's own, I decided to keep it minimal with destroyed shorts and my go-to heels to keep it chic. Red definitely is not a color I wear on a daily basis, however it's nice to step out of my normal zone and spice it up!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Tuxedo girl.

Wearing: Trouve vest | H&M top and bottom | Zara bag | Vintage boots | Kate Spade Sunnies

Kind of obsessed with this vest- by no means do I believe men should wear vests unless it's for a wedding, but vests on women can be oh so sexyy! Since vests can go from "cool" to "OLD," I mixed it up with a graphic tee and red sunnies to tone down the "old." Ya Know!?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

LA-zy dazes.

Wearing: F21 studded tank | One teaspoon shorts | Jcrew chambray | Zara mules & bag | dad's belt 

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here's an old post I never had the chance to upload from the Summer. Completely missing the days of wearing tank tops and open toe shoes.. oh wait, I still do. Luckily Summer and Fall isn't a drastic change here in LA. What can I say? LA is the shit! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Working girl.

Wearing: Blue button up from Korea | H&M tee | Black faux skirt | White Chucks | Zara bag | Burberry watch | Ray-Ban sunnies

I'm one of those lucky one's who get to wear casual attire to work... everyday. I do however still try to keep myself visually appealing rather than throwing on a sweater and sweats all day (although I could). The most important aspect of my style is comfort. I can't afford to sit at a desk for however long hours with constricting fabric pressing against my waist. So, I always opt for some sort of stretchy, elastic-y, basically comfy, bottoms to pair my tops. Not sure if it's part of my "tricks of the trades" secret, but I think it's always great to wear comfy clothes you feel great and stylish in!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Statement Blazer.

Wearing: Ro & De open flyaway blazer | One Teaspoon shorts | Zara tee,bag and mules  | Express Necklace | Forever 21 rings | Vintage hat | Ray-Ban sunnies

Had a blast last week at Ro & De HQ playing dress up with their fantastic marketing team and their talented photographer Sungwook. They have amazing quality pieces any women would dream for including this fun, tie-dye-esque blazer. Fell completely in love with this blazer due to it's ability of making a statement with it's bold print while being subtle with classic color combinations. It's going to be a perfect piece to wear at work or a night out with the girls! 
Ro & De available in Nordstrom and Korea:
Photographer: Sungwook Kim

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That Blue Print.

Wearing: F21 blouse & necklaces | Nasty Gal shorts | K-styleme boots | Zara bag | Ebay hat

Never was a huge fan of the boho trend but after stepping into a massive F21 (well, what F21 isn't massive anymore) I was immediately drawn into the room of "boho chic." With boho trends vibe-ing as hard as they are on every social media platform on every single blogger, I may add, I conformed to the norm and enjoyed each piece I saw in the room. I ended up with this top because of it's distinctive pattern and color, and quite frankly I'm glad I did because it made every photo I took pop (not that I only buy clothes for the photos... or do I...)!